Lauren Davis

Who I am
I'm a Bay Area-based writer, editor, and blogger.

What I do
I'm currently the weekend editor at the speculative fiction blog io9. I'm also a regular contributor to ComicsAlliance, where I write mainly about webcomics and geek culture. Don't ask me what my favorite webcomic is unless you've got several hours and want to see diagrams.

Where I've been
I went to college at Brown and concentrated in biomedical ethics. While in Providence, I worked as a DJ and producer at WBRU.

After Brown, I went to Georgetown for my JD. I am not a lawyer, but I worked for one at buySAFE, was a research assistant for former congressman and human rights activist Father Robert Drinan, and was managing editor of the Gender Journal.

What I've done
I co-founded It's no longer around. More recently, I edited and published The Comic Book Guide to the Mission, an anthology of comics about San Francisco's Mission District. It's full of awesome people who are way more talented than I am.

Where you can find me online
Email (Please DO NOT send io9-related email to this address)